8 Ball Pool Phuket Friendship League

Formed in January 2016 by friends from a number of bars in the south of Phuket the “8 Ball Pool Phuket Friendship League” represented a new start for 8 ball pool in the area. The object of this new league is to allow friends to meet in each other’s bars for a social evening which includes a pool match.

The original Phuket pool league was formed to enable bars to boost their low season income by having people, who may not otherwise visit their bar, come and play a friendly pool match. The pool was, although well fought, never that important and the focus was far from being ultra-competitive.

Unfortunately, over the years, certain elements crept into the fabric of the preceding leagues which totally disregarded the, so important, social side of the Leagues purpose. They have focused totally on competition and disregarded the League’s true intent and purpose. As a result, previous leagues have been folded and the new 8 Ball Pool Phuket Friendship League, focusing on friends enjoying each others company over a few drinks in bars they may not otherwise visit, has been formed. Yes the pool is an important element and nobody goes to the table with the intention of losing, but the main focus is to Have A Good Time With Friends.

Next Tuesdays Fixtures

Tuesday Week 16 - 25 Feb 2020

Bar With No Name IIvPui's Bar
Dog BarvBar With No Name
Gasoline BarvAllstar Sports Bar
My BarvRelax Corner
Polly's Sports BarvNew Woolpack
WalkaboutvFah's Bar

Next Thursdays Fixtures

Thursday Week 4 - 27 Feb 2020

Bar With No Name ToovBar With No Name
Islander AvFreedom Bar
Pita BarvIslander B
Pui's BarvAllstars Sports Bar
WalkaboutvGasoline Bar

Our Thursday night league competition is currently drawn from four teams located in the Karon & Kata, one from Chalong and three from Rawai.

The Tuesday night league competition is local to bars only from Kata, Karon & Chalong.

The playing rules for both league competitions are identical although the eligibility rules are slightly different. The rules for both competitions are shown on this site. The purpose of both competitions is identical; to have a bit of fun, to meet new people over a few beers, and to play a competitive pool match, but not too seriously.

If you have any questions or queries about the League contact one of the League Admins shown at the foot of this list.

If you want to join our leagues competitions Facebook Groups follow these links:

Tuesday League Competition

Thursday League Competition

8 Ball Pool Phuket Friendship League the rack

8 Ball Pool Phuket Friendship League